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STARTING WITH-Shahrukh khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham’s


It is a spy thriller movie were Pathaan is back from a mission and underground moving ahead Jim another spy previous working for India but turned into a Negative mindset now he is taking contract from all over the world Terrorists’ organization with her assistance Rubina an isis trained agent.Nandani raw head in India came to know about that there will bio weapon attack on India planned by the ISIS head of Pakistan for which they hire jim.On another hand Pathaan is back to his office and report to the head officer for which he demand that he want to setup the team and insists her head for which she was not ready then anyhow she say yes to pathaan but the Director of Raw was convinced due to pepople in team are too weak skill and imature but any how Pathaan successed in convincing the Director also,then PATHAAN LEAVES FOR DUBAI as he come to know that JIM is operating in Dubai with his officials .So after coming in Dubai Pathaan chases the Jim were he was unsuccessful thereafter Pathaan again get the clue that jim have leave for capetown were he can catchup the Jim.FLIM is including the stunts

of dhoom,race3,and spy movie like james bond mission impossible.THERE IS A SPECIAL APPEARANCE OF TIGER ALSO in this

movie as show him raw agent movie is blockbuster HIT which comes up with the LOVE DRAMA ACTION,SCRAFISE AND EMOTIONS.I will will be like a full money worthwhile it will not let to Feel like money wasted.


“RRR Roudram Ranam Rudhiram” First Phase rrr “RRR” is an Indian Telugu-language period action film directed by S. S. Rajamouli

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