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Starring with Akshay kumar and with sadia,Bhumi pednekar Deepika Khanna, Smriti Srikanth, sahejmeen-Fictional movie contain drama comedy love among the sisters a full family Drama.

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Latest blockbuster of 2023 starting with Shahrukh Khan Deepika Padukone and John Abraham 'PATHAAN'

Rehna hai tere Dil maie

Rehnaa hai tere dil maie is old and Epic Master piece  which never get olds in any era this Movie is blockbuster hit Romantic Movie it is a Must watch for today youth who are in search of True Love and craziest wayout how the Main lead role by Madhvan,saifAli khan and Dia Mirza very well Performed to get their love

Drishyam is 2015 a crime Thriller movie.The Flim star Ajay devgan,Tabu,shriya saran,ishita dutta and Rishab dutta.

Best Suspence Movie EverDrishyam Movie starts in Goa were new policeman is in town were walking with Contestable he Notices unusual activity which is not normal.Vijay is orphan who is a 4 grade school dropout and now  running a successful business of  T.V cable in his area.Story revolve around son of IPS police  officer were he got missing and Family of Vijay  came under the suspect .

Bollywood Flims adapted From Classic Literature

Based on Susanna’s7 Husbands by Ruskin Bond

Based on Devdas by Sharat Chandra Chattopadhya

Based on The Umbrella by Ruskin Bond

Based on Parineeta by Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay

Based on Shakespeare’s Othello

Based on Shakespeare’s Machbeth

Based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Based upon ‘The Godfather’ by Mario Puzo



Recently Released Movie Review

Starring with Shahrukh Khan,Deepika Padukone and John Abraham its a story about Raw agent how he save India from bio weapon used by ex Raw agent Against India.The ex Raw agent is been brain wased from the enemy country of India.The movie is inspired from stunts of Mission impossible,jamesbond a perfect mixture of emotions and sensible,meaningful  story towards the Audience which will let you Realize a money not wasted 

Starring with Sidhart Malhotra Rasmika Mandanna Parmeet Sethi and Sharib Hasmi story start when India was divided and Pakistan came into exitance Pakistan people handover the Governance to Zia-ul-Haq and in India Indra Gandhi has lose the election and Morarji Desai is New Prime Minister of India were he order to RAW to stop the  mission which is been decided in Pakistan for RAW story stars when kav his father in Raw as an agent  is announced as Betrayal towards his country were he know the reality and move to remove this mark from his Family identity, so as as spy he works with the Pakistani army were he is working as tailor and kept on update about Pakistan developing the Nuclear weapon.

Starring with Rakul Preet Singh,Sumeet Vyas and Satish Kaushik.The movie came up with Taboo topic were lead actress is Graduated in chemistry and applying for the job on a another hand the Quality check  Engineer resize from his post from a company because he is not able to get married whenever the question arises what work does the boy do were he is employed then is comes up with the exposer that in city Karnal in Haryana there is condom factory were he is designated as a quality check engineer. The factory owner came across with the lady teacher were he convinces to work at that being a Lady first she deny but later she gets ready this a comedy movie with the social awareness message delivered to people in fun,polite and sarcastic way 

Starring with Wamiqa Gabbi,Ishaan Khatter.Story starts with a Scientist were he uses his time machine to stop a train  heist in order to save the life of his doctor ex-girlfriend.The doctor attends to her attacker when he suffers a heart attack while deciding against an arranged marriage. The Scientist abandons his fascination with time travel when the lover get together and begins to concentrate on the present.

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